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Other services

UKIT Consultants prepare your grant application forms and all the documentation requested by the Calls, issued mainly by Italian and the UK Governments or European Institutions.We run the EU Programmes 2014-2020 and in particular Horizon 2020, COSME and LIFE.

UKIT Consultants choose the most appropriate growth, research, development and internationalisation opportunities, proceeding with the feasibility analysis after having identified the programme and the other financial instruments.We assist you from the beginning, finding a call to submit the proposal, seeking eventual partners and also afterwards with the Project Management activities, such as the financial and administrative monitoring of the project, preparation of the reports, modification of the Convention.

UKIT Consultants provide translation services of various documents mainly from English to Italian, offering this service also for websites and company brochures.

We understand how important it is for websites to be available in the native language or languages of its visitors, considering that nowadays people visit websites in other languages in order to obtain goods or services easly. This service will improve the international traffic to your website.
UKIT Consultants help also with the communications, offering an interpretation service in order to manage the business relationships between International traders. You can have an interpreter during or post the business meeting.

We can also provide one of our team to assist a representative of your business to participate in International exhibitions and provide live interpretation.

We offer also International Marketing and Innovation Management services.

Don't hesitate to ask for a quotation!

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