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International Trading Solutions for Businesses

UKIT Consultants Ltd is a company specialising in International Trade Advice.

We help businesses who wish to take advantage of overseas market opportunities.

We offer support to those wanting to open a new company or a branch overseas.

We are also experts in export compliance for the IT sector.

We help your business to solve the challenges you may be encountering post - BREXIT.

Our Services

UKIT Consultants offer you different types of services, in order to grow your business overseas, valuing new business opportunities, obtaining better performance and solving other management problems, plus associated legal and tax issues.

Import-Export Compliance

We advise you on importing and exporting goods, with all the assistance to ensure the smooth passage of your goods, also in terms of duties and VAT.

International Trade Advice

We support you opening a new business or setting up a branch in the UK, Malta, Italy, the UAE or wherever requested.

International Tax Services

We advise your business in order to solve international taxation and legal issues, such as Corporation Tax, double tax treaties and VAT matters.


We can help you with your business strategy in this uncertain period, making proactive choices to include BREXIT planning in your strategy.

Translation and Interpretation

We provide documentation and website translations and an interpretation service to manage your international relations.

International & EU Grants

We will prepare your grant application forms and all the documentation requested by the Calls, issued by Italian and the UK Governments or EU Institutions.

Ready to find out more?

Ask for an appointment (also online) with UKIT Consultants today.

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