Daniela Bertolini

Business and financial Consultant. Lives in Italy.

Affiliate Member of the Institute of Export & International Trade.
Graduated cum laude in Business and Economics, followed by a post graduate Master’s Degree in Financial Service Management at the University of Naples "Federico II", becoming an expert in financial and insurance markets, analysing the definition of explanatory models of consumer behaviour.
Enrolled in the Chartered Accountant and Auditor Trainees Register after three years of relevant practice.
Specialised in specific regulatory and procedural analysis on capital market operations of local authorities (regions, provinces, municipalities), in particular having worked for a consulting company in Rome, she was in charge of debt restructuring through bond issues, mortgages and swaps; not only for local authorities but also for private companies she offered her consultancy analysing cash flows, verifying the indebtedness and risks involved, drafting of economic and financial budgets, business plans, due diligence for the assignment of credit risk  to banks and debt funders, and preparing corporate presentation documents for the credit system.
In addition, whilst working for the Rome company, she worked on the realisation of photovoltaic plants for the creation of electric energy, preparing the preliminary agreements, coordination of technical activities and elaboration of relevant business plans in order to obtain finance for the plant construction.
She is fluent also in French.


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